A bump in the road



Hello, My beautiful strong readers! Sorry for not posting in such a looong time, but I am back now and stronger and bolder then ever!!!

I am so happy to be back, and I have this quote to thank… “Falling down and giving up, is like dropping you cellphone and because it fell picking it up and throwing it against the wall.” I thought about not starting again, but it truly brings me joy; so the right thing to do is to do what makes you happy.

So, today well be a brief post, just to let you guys know where I’m at and the progress. Now, before you start to think that because I wasn’t posting means I wasn’t working out, let me stop you right there. I actually started working out much harder! I realized that when you are facing hardships and struggles, working out and getting in touch with yourself is the best thing to do. I also, can’t wait to tell you about meditation and my new self-confidence workshop!! There are a lot of exciting things in store for my blog and I hope you guys can forgive me and rejoin me on this journey!!!Channing Tatum has kept me running!

This is my homemade workout shirt! I have grown very fond of this puffy fabric paint, because it allows me to write any inspirational quotes or sayings on my shirts for like $3!! Invest the time and small amount of money, making these will be so fun and they will be unique!

Here’s a picture of Channing T. the man I am referring to in my shirt, just in case your eyes haven’t seen something beautiful today!


Okay, back to reality!

This last picture is from a couple of days ago, I have been running on the treadmill because I am preparing for THE BIGGEST LOSER RACE!! It is coming to Miami, FL on March. 8th and I am super excited!! I will be posting those pictures! Pinky promise! 🙂

Bathroom picture taken at the gym!!It’s not insane but I am very happy with the improvements!! I weighted myself last weekend and was at

a lovely 129lbs. I was very happy, now just to start toning. When I get a routine for that I will post the procedures!!

Well guys I am glad to be back!!

I hope you guys have an amazing and stress-free weekend!


Love always, Your Average Joe – Averageoria

Entering Week 3..

week 3 ” All you have to do, is do it”

Today is Monday the 13th, quoting my co-worker “This is possibly worst then Friday the 13th.” This can very well be true, if you let it.

I woke up this morning with no attitude to workout later. I have work from 8am to 5pm,

and class from 5pm-7:40pm, which allows me to go to the gym after 8pm. A long day is ahead but I have to keep the goal in sight.

I am doing this not because I have to or because I want to look good for other people, but because it makes me feel better about

myself. I went to the gym all last week, hence the weekend I might have fallen of the wagon, but I did

work hard last week. Resulting in some minor changes in my body. They are small but I feel so much better.

I took a famous “Mirror picture” this weekend and was so proud of what I saw.

I am posting my FAVORITE workout which I did last Friday! It really is amazing. I love it because

I am not really in shape and I do not have much stamina and most times when I do too much exercise I feel sick and

will want to throw up. This could also be because I do not drink enough water, which I am starting to enjoy!

But I have do have trouble finding a workout that doesn’t leave me wanting to puke. It is called Treadmill Shreadmill!

It makes you sweat A LOT, without leaving you out of breath. It is directed for toning your legs and booty, but

I found that I sweat so much, I don’t even have to run! I absolutely love it. I will be doing this workout twice a week for now,

til I change up the routine!

Thanks for checking it out!

Hope your resolutions are coming through!

check out www.pinterest.com to get more workout ideas!!


 It really doesn’t feel like 50mins!! (I didn’t even know a treadmill inclined to 15) 😀

Try it! Let me know how you like it!

XOXO- Averageoria, Your Average Joe!