Who is Averageoria?!

average ann



My name is Ann, but I prefer Anngoria (due to my obsession with Eva Longoria)

Bake. Teach. Lift is dedicated to the New Year 2014 && resolutions.

About myself.. Well..

I am an average Joe, who is almost 22 and has no idea what I is doing with my life.

I have a normal full-time job, where I pick up calls and transfer them… that’s all. I am a full-time student as well. So, I am hoping to show those spectacle people who see reality television and think that their life is so horrible because they don’t live in 12 bedroom house and drive around in their lambo by the age of 18. -No disrespect to those who do. Codoos to you! But not many people get to enjoy life that way.. And most, like myself. struggle.. a lot! I hope with my blog we small people come to appreciate our lives and make the best of it.

Together we will bake, teach and work out together!

Before you start thinking this cannot happen because you don’t..

Let me tell you..

I didn’t work out normally and this year I said would be different, so this year WILL be different! I will post my daily pictures of what I will call the LAZY GIRL WORKOUTS! or the BUSY GIRLS WORKOUTS! So there is hope for us girls!

There will be posts about teaching! I am a future teacher and love PINTEREST! So, I will be posting creative and new ideas on ways to teach children. I am tutoring and will be interning in Fall so, I will have lots of interesting things to post!

The baking part will be my favorite because I love to bake! The challenge will be learning to bake healthy, like the famous Taralynn Mcnitt! She is such an inspiration! Follow her www.undressedskeleton.tumblr.com <Check her out!

So I hope that you follow along with me!!

XOXO, – Averageoria, Your average Joe!

Cheers to the New You!


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