The biggest loser race ! Miami

Ahhh!! What an amazing experience it was to meet members from the actual Biggest Loser show!!! I couldn’t imagine the transformation that they endured! I was impressed and left in ah!! I actually met Bobby! From season 15 the last one! He was one of the finalist! And I was just so honored to be able to run in the same event as them. Those are the people that are looked upon and admired for the amazing things they do!! Those people give others the hope that they are missing!! I never exercised before, mainly because I have never been heavy but I started this blog because exercising is not for “fat people”, it’s for healthy people. I want to be the best person I can be. I want to challenge myself daily, even if it’s just running the extra 10mins. Those are the accomplishments that we can do daily. Too many of us feel hopeless now a days. We feel like we can’t do anything, and that is it. As long as you keep doing things you never thought you could do, that’s an accomplishment you can be proud of. Doesn’t matter how small it is! Trust me, you can amaze yourself everyday. Say hi to a stranger, take the stairs everyday and make sure to smile a couple times a day for no reason. Don’t compare your life to others, trust me they are fighting their own battles. Be happy with what you have! It’s more then you’ll ever need! Have faith!

Love always, your average joe- averageoria







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