A bump in the road



Hello, My beautiful strong readers! Sorry for not posting in such a looong time, but I am back now and stronger and bolder then ever!!!

I am so happy to be back, and I have this quote to thank… “Falling down and giving up, is like dropping you cellphone and because it fell picking it up and throwing it against the wall.” I thought about not starting again, but it truly brings me joy; so the right thing to do is to do what makes you happy.

So, today well be a brief post, just to let you guys know where I’m at and the progress. Now, before you start to think that because I wasn’t posting means I wasn’t working out, let me stop you right there. I actually started working out much harder! I realized that when you are facing hardships and struggles, working out and getting in touch with yourself is the best thing to do. I also, can’t wait to tell you about meditation and my new self-confidence workshop!! There are a lot of exciting things in store for my blog and I hope you guys can forgive me and rejoin me on this journey!!!Channing Tatum has kept me running!

This is my homemade workout shirt! I have grown very fond of this puffy fabric paint, because it allows me to write any inspirational quotes or sayings on my shirts for like $3!! Invest the time and small amount of money, making these will be so fun and they will be unique!

Here’s a picture of Channing T. the man I am referring to in my shirt, just in case your eyes haven’t seen something beautiful today!


Okay, back to reality!

This last picture is from a couple of days ago, I have been running on the treadmill because I am preparing for THE BIGGEST LOSER RACE!! It is coming to Miami, FL on March. 8th and I am super excited!! I will be posting those pictures! Pinky promise! 🙂

Bathroom picture taken at the gym!!It’s not insane but I am very happy with the improvements!! I weighted myself last weekend and was at

a lovely 129lbs. I was very happy, now just to start toning. When I get a routine for that I will post the procedures!!

Well guys I am glad to be back!!

I hope you guys have an amazing and stress-free weekend!


Love always, Your Average Joe – Averageoria